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07Oct, 2018

Web W. Design combine technical skills with innovation and creativity. The internet and the world-wide web are changing constantly with new innovations. We recognize it as our job to keep up to date with the latest developments in the fields of Web Design, Web Development and related technologies, and we love our jobs!

People are expecting more from a website than previously. It used to be enough to just put static content up on a website and maybe some nice images and you had a great site. However, there are so many changes that are appearing on the web landscape, the kinds of features that visitors and potential clients/customers are going to be seeing and experiencing. I use the word experiencing because the web is becoming more and more dynamic and interactive. Dynamic Database-driven content offers personalized content from a database, with login options to match content with the user. We are also seeing exciting Rich Internet Applications.

If your site does not make use of these new, cutting edge features, a visitor may move on to other sites, perhaps, your competitors’ sites. We don’t expect you to know all about the kinds features, technologies, software, web applications and more. That is why we consider ourselves a consulting company – we think of our job as involving a process of consulting with you to learn about your group, organization, company and what you do. We can then suggest how the web or web technologies could meet your needs or interests.

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We can meet your needs whether you are an individual, small business or larger organization. Some ideas as to what we can provide for you includes, but is not limited to the following:

Simple web site with less than 10 pages – such a basic service can be what a client needs when they hire us to do their website.

Dynamic Database-driven web sites, such as a Content Management System, blog, community site, or Photo Gallery.
Video for the web
Technical Writing
E-commerce Web site

We’re building an expanding Glossary of terms to help you make sense of the information we describe and to help you understand some of the topics and terminology you might discover on the web. Visit our glossary of Internet and Web terminology, buzzwords, and information now.

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